Updates Tab Tutorial (from Theme 17)


  • Upload an image for the tab
  • Custom colour for the updates box
  • It’ll be located on the bottom left of your window
  • Scroll bar for when the text is longer than the box


  • go to
  • click edit html
  • paste this code before <style type=”text/css”> 
  • paste this code before </style> 
  • paste this code after <body>
  • click update preview, save, appearance, save and then close
  • go back to and upload your image, change the colour of the updates box and fill it in!

You can find transparent images here. Please like/reblog if you found it helpful!

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theme 8

preview | code

  • this is a navigation theme
  • it matches the faq (kinda?)
  • 300 x 390 image
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  • Features: Six custom links, Small hover updates tab, scrollable box for posts. No space for description, so I suggest adding the text on the large graphic!
  • Please do not repost, or edit and repost! I obviously don’t mind people editing it, though. 
  • Please keep the credit in place, although feel free to move it on a separate page if you want!
  • Please like/reblog this if you use it, thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, but ensure you check my FAQ tag first!
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It’s almost six in the morning, but this was something that I had in my drafts for a while, and really just didn’t think I could tinker with anymore - SO, here is it. I’ve specifically designed it for a Harry Potter roleplay, but if you change the gifs in the first psd card to gifs of your fandom, you can easily use it for anything else. If you’re having any trouble with it, feel free to drop me a message, I’ll do my best to fix the problem.

I’ve divided everything into folders, and your measurements are provided, so don’t worry about not knowing how much to crop it by! I would really love if you would message me if you’re using it, I’d love to see it in action! Enjoy, happy roleplaying!

Please like, reblog, or credit if using.

Download These:

  • IM FELL x
  • character card #1 x
  • character card #2 x
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All four girls of Little Mix, Keegan Allen, Wesley Stromberg and more are all open. Come apply?


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This gif hunt includes 460+ gifs {all kinds} of Ian Harding. None of these gifs are mine and the credit of these gifs goes to the owners of them. Sorry if there are some duplicates of them in it. Please reblog{if you are a RPH} or like if you use these gifs.image

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