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This was very much inspired from an old theme/all the old themes that everyone was obsessed with at some point. I figure bringing it back with a little twist wouldn’t hurt much. Please like/reblog if you use.  Feedback is always great.

  • Three custom links. 
  • Sidebar Image 1 : 262 x 508
  • Sidebar Image 2 & 3: 190 x 185
Please keep the last navigation link with my credit. I worked really hard on getting my theme as perfect as possible. Any questions should be sent here, if any. 

DISCLAIMER: This was dedicated to Becky (shanehelps) because she constantly is talking to me about my themes and makes fun of one of the titles.


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Gradient Pack O1: Becky (named after the lil cutie linked)

Please like/reblog if you found this helpful/useful. Credit is not needed but please do not claim as your own. Download

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We’ll be closing the submit box around 9:45 PM EST (so about 50 minutes from now). So if you have any last minute apps please get them into us now!


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✿ character psd #001 by moretzofrps; "DORIAN" ✿

in honor of reaching 100 followers, i decided to make this lil’ baby right here and share it with you guys. it’s supposed to be for some sort of modelling agency rp but you can use it for whatever you want. this character psd is quite simple, actually, so you shouldn’t have any issues/problems when using it. however, if you do, don’t hesitate to send me a message!!

✿ details ✿

the gifs and pictures used on the left side of the graphic should be 135x90px. the fonts i used were “georgia” and “orator std”. they’re predetermined fonts, so you should already have them. i also used textures by mixsoucers. i played around with a few gradients to create this one, but the original pack has been deleted, so please respect the owner and don’t claim this gradient as your own. you guys can change the textures and the font and whatever you wanna change, just don’t claim this psd as your own. making your own copy from scratch also counts as stealing it, so don’t do that. 

please like/reblog if you download ✿

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Draco throwing Harry his wand (x)

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A friend of mine requested some fonts for her roleplay, so while I was searching for some I decided to whip up this masterlist of fonts for university and college based rps. So here are some fonts you could use for graphics and posts. 

universal college ♔ college boy  sketch college ♔ colleged ♔ college team ♔ college dropout ♔ bored schoolboy ♔ classroom boredom

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Luke Hemmings and Sydney Sierota, unrequested. 

(Manips are currently closed.)

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